Follow the Rules in Kanha National Park


  • Get lenses and film in advance as you are waiting to get on to the elephant. You may also need extra films so do carry it!
  • Comply with the mahout's commands about where to sit on the howdah. Balancing the load is also important.
  • Be glad about the jungle as you traverse to the setting of the tiger. You are seeing the forest in a way that is pretty unlike riding down a park road.


  • Anticipate that there will be a tiger show every day. The mahouts are triumphant at their tracking only about 60% of the time.
  • Don't try to race up your vehicle be in queue.
  • Do not convince the mahout to disturb the tiger.
  • Don't locate on the howdah or unhook the bar.
  • Make sure your voices are low and off the flash of the camera's.