Jeep Safari

You can have fun in the jeep safari two times in the day. One safari is in the early morning and the other is in the late afternoon. These jeep safari's are conducted by experienced and qualified naturalists in an Suzuki open jeep. These jeeps have been particularly changed with front facing elevated seats for better viewing.
The park is open to all from sunrise till 11 am and then late afternoon till sunset. Places of interest inside the park are Bahamani Banjar, Shravan Tal, Kanha Meadows and the Interpretation center.

Walks & Cycling

Nature trails, cycling, bird walks are all conducted on request in the adjoining area of the lodge.

Tiger Show

Every day early in the morning, elephants in the park go for searching tigers. Then whence one is found a tiger show is arranged. This is not in the place at the moment hence we can take a joy ride on the elephant.

Bird Watching

Here at Chandan Hotel we make arrangements birding with expert bird guides. They are with true knowledge of birds, who can make your birding exciting.

WildLife Photography/Workshop

Wildlife safari is very important that we collect some memories of the adventures. , Chandan Hotel arranges a photography workshop with the guidance of expert wildlife photographers.

Medical Plantation Visit

A few minutes walk near the resort is a medicinal plantation center. It is under the forest department and they are working here on the conservation of the herbs that are available locally. You can visit this place with local Ayurvedic doctors who might not tell you the properties of the herbs. But if you wish you can make a try of their prescriptions.

Tribal Dances and Camp Fire Dinners

For making your dinner more interesting during your stay at Chandan we arrange it near the Camp Fire. Here the all guests are served food. While having your dinner you can also enjoy the tribal dance that goes hand-in-hand to near the Camp Fire.

Places of Interest near Kanha National Park. One can visit these places inbetween the safaris and enjoy all that they have to offer.

Bagli Pat

This is a serene spot on the neach of River Banjar. Ideal for relaxation and picnic. The beach also provides bird watching opportunity as both shore and forest species abound. Bagli Pat has religious importance with few temples around which a fair is held during the shiv ratri and kartik purnima.

The spot on Banjar River is at a short distance from Kanha National Park towards Kanha Indri Road.

Ram Nagar Fort

A typical Gond Architecture is displayed at this fort which is steeped deep in mystry and mystic. The complex contains a palace in ruin, temples, stables and living chambers. It is said that there are many dungeons and uderground living chambers which contain gold and jewelry of medival era. The latter is a mystry as no such wealth has ever been found.

Situated on a loop at River Narmada the fort is at a distance of 25 km from MandlaTownship and is a day visit destination.

Kawardha Palace

A breathtaking and exemplery display of Royal accommodation Kawardha Palace is a historical masterpiece. Renovated and redecorated the Royal has now been turned into a star hotel. The palace was built by Maharajah Dharamvir Singh and still houses the royal familiy.

Places to visit at Kawardha are Bhoramdeo Temple, Radha Mohan Temple and Madwa Mahal. Kanha National Park is at a distance of hundred kilometers.